In 1946, Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba dreamt of creating something great out of nothing in the vast desert of the East and the Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba group was founded to pursue this very dream. Homewide, the authorized dealers of Bosch home appliances in the UAE, Homewide offers top of the line domestic appliances via their network of showrooms, key retailers, hypermarkets and across UAE. The establishment focuses on creating convenient and comfortable ‘home-improvement’ shopping experiences for their consumers. Homewide prides itself on meeting the great demand amongst its customers for high performance, moderately priced household appliances.

The Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba group has continued on to successfully expand its horizons to include Technology, Transportation, and Kitchens. They now iconic brands such as Avis, Bosch, Ricoh, and Xerox. Homewide not only markets and distributes Bosch products, but they are also renowned as an award-winning Bosch Customer Service. Their sales services also include spare parts and preventive maintenance for Bosch household appliances