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Client Testimonial Video Production Services Dubai, UAE

Creating credibility among your customers with
professional testimonial videos

Genuine and compelling client testimonials are a great way to encourage clients to buy your products or services. Such customer testimonials build brand credibility and help promote your business. A reviewed product always sells better than one without any reviews online. The more the reviews, the higher the sales. A video testimonial has an even stronger impact on a potential client.

When a client expresses their satisfaction and trust in your brand, it has a profound impression on someone who is considering purchasing something similar. A single testimonial from an identified person who is genuinely satisfied with your product does more for brand reputation and product sales than a hundred TV commercials of the same.

From creating the perfect script based on actual testimonies to filming customers talking about their product experience and then editing it to add the right images and text, Pine Tree has perfected the art of client testimonial videos in the UAE.

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A concept commercial for Ring home security Stick up Cam, company owned by Amazon.

Sharjah Family Development Centre

A short concept video depicting the importance of family bond among the generations.

NMC Medical Center

A creative concept about the warmth and empathy that NMC doctors portrays’ to the customers.



Michelin is the one of the largest tyre manufacturer in the world. We have Created a quick sum –up


Sharjah Family Development Centre

They say family values and traditions are passed down from generations to generations. A concept vid


A concept commercial for Ring home security Video Door bell, company owned by Amazon.


A virtual 360 showroom experience, customers can view the vehicle and its features with just a click

Dubai Police

Awareness concept video created to show the effects of fireworks released by Dubai police for campai

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