Pinetree is proud to present this corporate promotion video about the RIVIERE MINERAL WATER DESALINATION FACTORY. The company headquartered at Mussaffah, Abu Dhabi was founded by Ali Moideen and Ali Salem Al Rashdi in 2003. Riviere produces and supplies purified mineral water. 5 gallon bottles are their specialization. Their success story is based on their drive to redefine the mineral water market by focusing on stringent quality policies that ensure their customers are receiving real mineral water which provides innumerable health benefits.

For the last 15 years, Riviere has thrived in the UAE market and today the company is preparing for its internal expansion into the global market. This corporate video focuses on how the company manufactures its world class products and the stringent quality measures they follow to ensure that their customers get the best mineral water in the UAE market. Based on Riviere’s successful history, we can all look forward to a much healthier future.