Pinetree Media, the Top Video production Companies in Dubai, created this campaign for the Explosive Security Department of the Dubai Police to spread the public awareness about the dangers of Firecrackers and to curb the growing use of firecrackers in Dubai. The simple and easy to understand visuals show a child drawing figures of his parents and sister and then finally of himself. He draws a stick figure with two legs and then proceeds to rub one leg and the video zooms in on his injured leg as it gets revealed that the boy is sitting in a wheelchair. The video ends with a powerful tagline – Stay Away from Firecrackers! Another video on the same subject matter has text and voice over as it shows a young girl who lost her eyesight due to the use of firecrackers and how she is still haunted by those memories. The tagline ‘Make celebrations Playful, not Painful’ makes the message of the video quite clear.